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Published Articles
Worldwide Ticketcraft in the News

High Tech Ticketing at Worldwide Ticketcraft

By Alfred Branch, Jr. -

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Ticketing has come a long way since the days of simple paper stock and a hole punch or marker to indicate the ticket has been used.

Erik Covitz, president of the ticket supply company Worldwide Ticketcraft, said that in recent years the industry has seen a host of innovations make ticketing easier and more comprehensive.

“We’re seeing a lot more use of thermal ticketing for season ticket packages,” Covitz said, referring to some of newer technologies that have become popular in recent years. “It allows teams to give more choices to fans. They have more ability to pick their own package plan.” . . .

Worldwide Ticketcraft can set up a venue with an entry level thermal ticketing solution, including tickets, printer and software, for under $1,000, Covitz said, which offers the versatility of not only printing multi-color tickets on various paper stock, with security features like barcodes or magnetic stripes, but also wrist bands. The system can also print parking passes, merchandise or backstage tags, or special souvenir-type tickets.

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Ticketing & Access Control - Feature

By Steve Traiman from PanStadia - Spring/Summer 2009

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Worldwide Ticketcraft’s Tim Timco [Vice President of Sales] advised: “To help the industry combat the insidious losses from counterfeit tickets, we’ve developed a four-colour, anti-counterfeit ticket, which incorporates an overprint varnish, holo-graphic and cold foil, microtext, custom perforation, safety centre paper, and a hidden image on the front, plus yellow blacklight ink, sequential numbering and coin-activated ink on the back. We also developed a new line of cost-effective thermal ticket printers, with three models introduced in this tenth anniversary year. Standard features include an internal power supply, USB connectivity, adjustable gap sensor, international character sets and flash memory. We have sold numer-ous printers to theatres, ticket outlets and kiosks, and are now seeking arena/stadium sales.”

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Adding Promotional UMPH to Your Tickets

By Anne Jackson From - March 2009
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Straddling the print and online ticket world, Erik Covitz, president, Worldwide Ticketcraft, suggests using local restaurants and other area businesses to place ads. “For tickets, theatres can rotate 10 different offers or more throughout the year so the offer does not become stale and the sponsor can experiment to see which ad garners the best success from their investment,” says Covitz. “The theatre may rotate every other ticket with their own advertisement-—from offering a discount in their gift shop to renting their theatre to local dance schools at a discount.”

Covitz also notes that with print-at-home tickets, rather than printed tickets, advertisers may be lured with bigger graphics and colorful presentations such as maps or directions to locate their place of business. Creating interactivity and links to online stores can also pre-sell videos, CD’s, flowers or T-shirts at a discount.

That's Entertainment!

By Sharon R. Cole - Print Professional Magazine

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BFL&S: Tell us a little bit about your company and the products you provide for the entertainment events industry.

Covitz: Worldwide Ticketcraft has a production plant in Florida and another in New York. We primarily manufacture tickets and wristbands for the entertainment events industry.

BFL&S: What benefits do distributors experience by selling into the events industry?

Covitz: This is a niche market, so margins tend to be higher because there is more hand-holding involved. Second, several of these clients need many peripheral products, such as envelopes, brochures, magazines, posters and promotional products.

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Rockets’ ticket vendor strikes out

By Greg Barr From the Houston Business Journal - October 2008
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Union employees with Saskatchewan-based Mercury Graphics went on strike in September, in the midst of producing tickets for the Rockets and several other National Basketball Association teams.

Although non-union employees pitched in to complete the Rockets’ regular-season tickets in time for the Oct. 29 home opener, the team had to scramble to find another vendor to produce preseason tickets for season subscribers.

Worldwide Ticketcraft, based in Merrick, N.Y., got the job done for the Rockets in time for the first preseason home game Oct. 7.

Seven other National Basketball Association teams that had contracts with Mercury Graphics were less fortunate, having to line up vendors to print all their season tickets as a result of the strike. Only a handful of North American printers have the ability to produce these specialty event tickets.


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