How to Sell Tickets Online

Have a venue with reserved seating in the front and general admission seats in the back? No problem. Want to change the number of seats for a certain performance? Need to sell season ticket packages or have recurring events? We’ve got you covered.

How does it work?

We link a page to your web site so the ticket purchasing is done through Worldwide. The purchase engine is handled by E-Tix, our partner. We handle the transactions so you don’t have to worry about merchant accounts and security. We do that for you.

How much does it cost?

We earn money by charging each customer a convenience fee for shopping online.

No Software, No Headaches.

All you need is an internet connection. The system was designed to be extremely simple to train on and intuitive to use. We host and maintain your system around the clock with no downtime and 24-hour tech support.

Take Tickets Further

Our Full Box Office allows unlimited users, pricing options, and seating rows/configurations, and changes can be made at any time. Worldwide can give you the ability to market to the customer on the ticket. Our system provides a robust reporting suite. The system allows for e-blasts and can tie into Facebook.

We Make It Happen

Up front fees are kept to a minimum. We only generate revenue when you do. We settle quickly either directly with you or can connect to your merchant account.

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Ticket Window to the World

Our system can handle general admission, reserved seating, reservations to classes, and reoccurring event ticketing both online and offline. Our system is capable of handling the smallest venues to hundreds of thousands of seats. The simple interface makes even the most complex venues and events easy for your patrons to buy tickets making this the perfect solution for large audiences. Our pricing structure makes it perfect for the smallest of theaters and clubs.

When can I get up and running?

Once we have all of your shows, dates, times, prices, etc., we can normally have the link to your site ready within 2 weeks.

How do I get paid?

We will pay you on a weekly basis, on the Monday after the event has taken place, a check is sent mail or a direct deposit is made.

How do we know how many tickets are purchased?

We will provide you with 24/7 online access to your account to see exactly how many tickets have been purchased, for what performances and to whom. Our system provides a full suite of real time reports to monitor your account and performances.

How are tickets provided to my customer?

We offer 4 options of delivery: will call, mail, print at home or overnight delivery.

Are my tickets secure?

Each e-ticket will have a bar code and ID number. You can print a guest list for free or rent/buy a bar code scanner.

What if my tickets are free?

You can assign a membership number and designate how many tickets are available per show.

What about upselling?

You can upsell flowers or videos, etc. as packages.

What is the fee on merchandise?

12.2% of the cost (package price).

Fee Structure for General Admission Tickets

GA Tickets up to $10 :: $1.00 + 3%
GA Tickets $10.01 - $15 :: $1.50 + 3%
GA Tickets $15.01 - $20 :: $2.00 + 3%
GA Tickets $20.01 and up :: $2.50 +3%

Fee Structure for Reserved Seating Tickets

Reserved Tickets up to $10 :: $2.00 + 3%
Reserved Tickets $10.01 - $15 :: $2.50 + 3%
Reserved Tickets $15.01 - $20 :: $3.00 + 3%
Reserved Tickets $20.01 and up :: $3.50 +3%

Download A Spec Sheet

We have designed a flyer with additional information. Please click to download the spec sheet.

What number do I call and who do I request to speak with?

Please call our toll free number 877-426-5754 and ask to speak with our online support team.

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